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We Only Repair Glass
Patio Doors!

Whether Your Door Doesn’t Open, Doesn’t Close, Doesn’t Lock, Grinds, Scrapes and is tough to move. Our technicians can make your sliding door work & feel as if it were brand new again. Whether you are having trouble with your Rollers, Tracks, Locks or Handles we have a quality, affordable & speedy solution for you.

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Roller Replacement

Sliding glass door mobility comes from rollers. Our extensive inventory allows us to replace damaged or corroded rollers.

Lock Replacement & Repair

A full range of locks are available for replacement and installation. We’ll fix your broken lock and make it safe and secure again.

Roller Repair

After years and years of use, rollers often will break or finally just wear out. If replacement is required we have the rollers in stock.

Handle Replacement & Repair

A full range of handles are available for replacement and installation. Get that broken old handle replaced with a new one.

Security Locks

Sliding glass doors can be made more secure! A full range of options are available to increase your home’s security.

Track Replacement Repair

Damage or corrosion of the track on which your sliding glass doors rolls, will prevent the door from rolling smoothly.

Sliding patio doors often don’t age well. When they are just a few years old, they can start to scratch and grind when you move them, not fully close, never completely latch, and generally require far more attention every time you go in and out of your home. The result is that you don’t like to go in and out of that sliding door, and may avoid it altogether.

Does your patio door grind or scrape? A patio door that is hard to open or close usually has a problem with the rollers or track. At the bottom of the door is a set of rollers (wheels) that the door is supposed to glide on. If those rollers stop rolling, they instead drag and grind on the track below the door, flattening the rollers and making them extremely difficult to open. Grinding rollers can also scrape the track, and make the problem even worse. It’s our customers’ most common patio door problem. If your patio door is hard to open or close,  Call us now to fix your patio doors.

Patio doors that don’t fully close, and that leave a gap at the top or bottom of the door, probably need to be adjusted. Those rollers can be set up or down to help fix that problem, but if your doors are also grinding, the problem could be the track. Even an older house may have sliding patio door problems simply because the foundation has settled. Our patio door repair service can fix this problem. If your patio doors don’t close all the way, Call us now to fix your patio doors.

Patio doors that don’t latch or lock are usually also doors that don’t close all the way. If the patio door is tilting towards or away from the door jamb when it’s nearly closed, the “latch” will be too far from the strike or keeper (the pieces on the jamb that it hooks onto), and it won’t grab. Your patio door that doesn’t latch or lock could also be due to a bad or broken latch or lock, which would need to be replaced. We carry all these parts on our trucks, so if your patio doors don’t latch or lock, Call us now to fix your patio doors. No matter what your patio door mechanical problems are, our patio door repair service can help.

Just had our sliding door lock repaired today, what a wonderful guy. He was willing to tell us how to repair it over the phone. (didn't trust my husband with tools). I would highly recommend him.

thumb Rosa Frederick
September 6, 2019

If you want professional service call Dwane from Patio Sliding Glass Door Repairs. I had an old glass patio door that did not work for months and he got that thing rolling smoothly again. Hire this guy if you need your patio door fixed.

thumb Oseer Williams
March 23, 2019

Highly recommended. Took the job on short notice, was on time, did all the work needed, the door works like new! Duane’s a really nice guy, gave us excellent service! Call him first!

thumb German & Rosemarie Hernandez
September 8, 2019

I’m so glad I called Dwane and didn’t try doing it myself. Our door now glides with the slightest touch - we don’t even need a handle. He cleaned and waxed the tracks, replaced the track brushes, upgraded the handle, and added premium wheels. Wish he did everything around the house. I recommend him highly.

thumb Jason Graham
June 22, 2019